Thursday, November 01, 2007

Limed Potato-Tempeh Fingers with Asparagus

I made a simple dinner today; we had just come back from working out and delightful children were ringing the doorbell for Halloween treats. I cut a baking potato as well as about a quarter packet of tempeh into fingers. I began sauteeing the potato and a few minutes later added the tempeh. I took most (4/5?) of an organic sweet onion and cut it into thin half moons, which I added to the saute, along with perhaps a dozen halved asparagus spears, maybe 6-8 minutes after beginning with the potato.

After an additional 5 minutes or so, I added maybe 6 tablespoons Baja Lime marinade, as well as a little bit each of salt, dried parsley flakes, and jerk seasoning. (I used up what I had left of the marinade; I should have used only half as much, but it turned out okay.) I served with a brown and wild rice mixture; it was a good meal.


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