Sunday, October 07, 2007

Vegetable Gyoza (pot sticker) with Grilled Green Beans and Apulian Tarallini with Fennel

I made a simple dinner tonight, starting with frozen prepared "pot stickers" - Chinese (jiaozi) or Japanese (gyōza) dumplings. They need to simply be put down into a pan with a little oil to brown the bottom for about two minutes, then are steamed. I served these with soy sauce but found, alas, that I didn't much care for them.

I also made green beans in the style we saw last year in Tuscany, simply grilling them briefly in a little olive oil, then serving with fresh lime (or lemon) juice and salt. I picked up a new product a few days ago, and also served it - a kind of Italian pretzel, Tarallini with fennel seeds. Tarallini, rounded bread sticks from the southern part of Italy including Apulia in the southeast, are delicious and would be great as a snack by themselves.


At Sun Oct 07, 10:43:00 PM EDT, Blogger JC said...

Looks great, a proper dipping sauce for gyoza is, vinegar (rice vinegar)is best, but any will do. Mix it 1-4 with soy sauce, and add a dab of sesame oil, and some chile oil, yum!!! BTW this was written in Moab, after my mother showed me your blog to talk about your upcoming visit, welcome to DC whenever you come, cheers.

At Sun Oct 07, 10:46:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dilip said...

Wow, John, that was practically an instantaneous comment of yours - I just published today's dinner entry! Thanks for the kind note. I'm afraid I'm not crazy about Chinese or Japanese tastes in general, and wish I were. I should have prepared a dipping sauce to give this a better chance. Let's get together in DC sometime - do you cycle? I love DC! Thanks for your comment.


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