Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shells and 'Chreese' with Poblano Peppers and Green Onions, Garlic Bagel

Tonight, I made a simple dinner of macaroni and "chreese", a vegan boxed food that comes just like standard macaroni and cheese with shells ready to boil for 7 minutes or so, as well as a packet of vegan "chreese" that I mixed in with some plain hemp milk. I also briefly grilled four green onions cut into 3/4" or so lengths as well as about 2/3 of a medium poblano pepper, and mixed these in with the macaroni.

By the way, I put together a proposed menu for our annual Thanksgiving, the country's largest with almost 500 expected (check out last year's event website; this year's site hasn't yet been created, but should be soon) and met the restaurant's manager today with the proposal. I am meeting with the chef on Friday.

We likely will make some changes, but this is what I am proposing:

  • A Fall Antipasto Buffet consisting of wheatberry-wild rice salad with lavender-blueberry vinaigrette; lentil-brown/wild rice cakes with lemon tahini; cardamom pickled beets; fall lettuces with pumpkin seed-cider dressing; raw vegetables; breads, crustinis & pita with Egyptian red lentil and artichoke-spinach hummuses, baba ganouj, and Brussels sprout "pâté"; marinated olives; spiced pecans; and roasted chestnuts
  • Main Courses including lime-marinated seared seitan with peppercorns and fig glaze; roasted garlic olive oil mashed potatoes with chives, mushroom gravy, apple-pecan stuffing, and fresh raspberry-cranberry relish; Dilip's macadamia nut blackened Cajun tempeh over brown rice; Spanish vegetable paella; shepherd's pie with wheat gluten, roasted root vegetables, and mushrooms, with a potato crust; braised sweet potatoes with leeks and vegan maple "butter" chutney; roasted green beans with pesto alla Trapanese; fall squashes cubed and roasted with yellow beet chunks, cranberry, and dill weed; oyster mushroom croquettes; smoked eggplant stuffed with carmelized onions and yellow lentils;
    carpaccio vegetale (very thinly sliced vegetables as a raw "pasta"); carrot-herb velouté (thickened soup); Ligurian medallion pasta with marinara sauce; country cornbread; and one additional raw dish
  • Desserts including fresh seasonal fruits; phyllo cookies; pumpkin pie with pomegranate glaze; cinnamon currant apple pie; rhubarb-berry crisp; and cider, cranberry juice, herbal tea, and shade-grown coffee

As always, the food will be entirely plant-based with no refined sugar.


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