Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hashed Brown Potatoes and Garlic Herb Grilled "Cheese" on Olive Bread

Tonight, I made a simple dinner just for myself. I had a new student with whom I started a 1-on-1 tutorial on digital photography with her new camera, and I had a professional photographer's meeting shortly after the teaching. So, I ate late and my wife had something to eat at my parents' house.

I made hashed brown potatoes with pale green bell pepper and red onion, both from the farmer's market this past weekend. I also took some tasty olive sour dough bread and put garlic herb "cream cheese" from the Scottish Isle of Bute vegan cheese company inside. I grilled it with a little bit of olive oil for a tasty grilled cheese sandwich. (I packed the potatoes for my wife's lunch tomorrow.)

Yesterday, I took my wife to a meeting with a bride and groom whose (vegan!) wedding I'm photographing in two weeks. After scoping out the site and taking some pictures, my wife ended up hungry, so we had an early dinner at Udupi South Indian restaurant; I had a paper thin masala dosa.


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