Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sauteed Baby Round Carrots and Spinach over Mashed Potatoes

I've never sauteed carrots, but read that they taste good prepared in this way. So I decided to give this a try with baby round yellow carrots that we had picked up on Saturday. I sauteed in a little bit of oil in a saucepan, an onion that had been sliced into maybe quarter-inch thick half-moons, just for a few minutes till the onion started losing its whiteness. Then I added the carrots that I had sliced into thirds, stirred, then reduced the heat to low and covered. I checked after 5-7 minutes and when I found that the carrots had softened (I think it was about 7 minutes), I added half of a thinly sliced jalapeno as well as spinach leaves that I had hand torn into halves. I sprinkled some salt on top of the leaves, mixed, and covered, keeping the heat on low-medium. I mixed every few minutes till the spinach cooked down in about 7-10 minutes. I served this over mashed potatoes. I had picked up a prepared asparagus salad, and served that, as well.

Yesterday I did two extensive back-to-back photo shoots, totaling over 1100 images in about 4 hours. I wasn't tired and was interested in making dinner, but my wife, who helped, was tired and wanted to eat soon, so we went out to Sitar India Palace and had good South Indian food.


At Tue Apr 10, 08:13:00 AM EDT, Blogger Asha said...

That looks fabulous Dilip.Baby round carrots? You just cut baby carrots in pieces?

At Tue Apr 10, 02:54:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dilip said...

Thanks for the kind words, Asha. No, this is a variety of carrot. They're small, maybe 3/4" in diameter. --Dilip

At Tue Apr 10, 05:10:00 PM EDT, Blogger TNL said...

Carrots sauteed in Olive oil and some garlic is always good,I leave them undercooked though, adding cracked black pepper on top...Mashed potatoes are my baby's and my favorite...I often mix the potatoes,milk, salt, pepper and chili powder and then nuke it in the microwave till it forms a golden crust...its so good that way, love that crunchy crust.
Sitar India...sounds familiar...may have been there.

At Fri Apr 20, 12:47:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dilip said...

Thanks for your comment, Trupti. I've never sauteed just carrots and garlic - sounds good. Have you tried making mashed potatoes with hemp or rice milk? Best wishes!


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