Friday, December 08, 2006

Leftover Spanakopita and Greek Salad; Quick Spinach Saute

Tonight we had a very short time to prepare and eat food before heading out to a film. I heated leftover spanakopita from Greek cooking class on Tuesday and also served baba ghonouj eggplant spread atop some crusty lightly toasted bread, as well as Greek Salad. The only dish that I made was a simple spinach one; I briefly sauteed the spinach with onion and a few spices.

Yesterday, we were out (I taught a photo workshop then attended a nice 100th anniversary celebration of the Durham Arts Council building), and went to a nice Southwestern restaurant, Margaret's Cantina, before watching another film. I had enchiladas (one with tempeh, one with spinach) with their (not so) spicy sauce; my wife had a vegetable platter, and we were both pleased with our meals. I loved the alcohol-free blood orange margarita that I had, too!


At Tue Dec 12, 09:14:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yum, sounds as good as always!

At Tue Dec 12, 11:20:00 PM EST, Blogger Dilip said...

Thanks, johanna3! What a cute picture you have posted in your blog of your daughter in the Post Office!

At Thu Dec 14, 07:09:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks Dilip! i have tons of photos of her but that one is my favorite :)


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