Sunday, April 30, 2017

Baked Potato with Vegan "Cheese" Sauce, Seitan with Vegetables, Barbecued Jackfruit (Almost No Added Fat)

My wife and I were in Charlotte, NC for the day yesterday. We had lunch at Bean Vegan Cuisine and a very nice dinner at Fern Flavors from the Garden. My wife had a sandwich with barbecued jackfruit, and I used some leftovers with dinner.

I was in the mood for baked potato so cooked medium potatoes, intact, for 20m with the pressure steam function of my Instant Pot pressure cooker. I made the "cheese" sauce that I most recently described on March 19, and a simple seitan and vegetable saute, plus the jackfruit with lettuce.


Dinner was good. I have had barbecued jackfruit and not liked it - and still don't. But the rest of dinner was good!

Ideas for the future

I should make the cheese sauce more often.

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