Sunday, February 17, 2013

Citrus-Chipotle Cannellini Bean w Asparagus, Orzo w Marinara, Avocado, Purple Cauliflower (No Added Fat)

Since I began teaching Food for Life classes and using SaladMaster cookware, I have been doing most of my cooking entirely without added oil. For tonight's dinner, I cut a third of a medium onion into half moons, put the onion in an unheated SaladMaster skillet, and turned the heat on to medium.

One of the benefits of this titanium-stainless steel blend heavy cookware is that it cooks nicely with the food's inherent juices and without having to add oil or even water. The pan also, consequently, doesn't have to be preheated.

To make tonight's dinner, I:

  1. Cut a half onion into thick 3/8" half moons and put the onion into the skillet
  2. I turned the pan on to medium-high (the typical setting I use with this pan - and no higher) and started cooking the onion, stirring, for maybe five minutes till it showed light signs of browning
  3. I took about ten stalks of asparagus, cutting off the bottom inch or so of tougher stalk on each, then cut the asparagus into 2" or so lengths. I added the asparagus to the pan, stirred for a minute, then added the juice of half of a Minneola tangelo (this pan, as long as you cook over low or medium heat, is easy to clean; if you do add some liquid during cooking, any temporarily stick-on food comes right off)
  4. After another minute or so more, I added the juice of the other half of the tangelo, plus maybe six ounces of white cennellini beans
  5. I stirred till the liquid was absorbed, about a minute or minute and a half, then turned the heat off, mixed in a little herbed salt, and served
  6. Accompanying the main dish was simple orzo topped with a marinara sauce, avocado, and purple cauliflower

This was another simple no-added-fat dinner that was tasty and healthy.


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