Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stirfry, Grilled 'Sheese'

My wife made it safely to Mumbai! Her family in her hometown will be quite excited and surprised to see her tomorrow.

After the photography class that I taught tonight, I came home and made a quick but good dinner. I wanted to prepare it quickly, as I've been watching a multi-night film on television. Ken Burns, probably the most influential contemporary documentary filmmaker (whom I've met at our annual documentary film festival), has just released his new film, the epic 900-minute The War, a 6-year effort (of which we saw a few hour preview at the film festival last year) that tells the story of World War II bottoms-up from the points of view of common people involved in the war. It's been fascinating to watch.

Anyway, I simply heated the lotus root-tempeh stirfry from a few days ago, and, on my cast iron pan, made a grilled "sheese" (Scottish vegan cheese) sandwich. It was filling and good!


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