Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nameko mushroom with eggplant and burdock root

Today I bought two ingredients that were new to me, nameko mushrooms (sometimes mistaken for the similar cinnamon cap variety), and burdock root (also called gobo). I know that burdock, a root vegetable, is supposed to be good for you with fiber, and traditionally is known as a blood cleanser. It needs to be steamed or sauted; I sauted it briefly then cooked it in a little soy and hot sauces. The mushrooms are fairly common in Japan and usually cooked in a soup; I read that the mushrooms stick together when sauted, but I still sauted them with onion. I served the vegetables with brown basmati rice. Also, I included an eggplant dish leftover from visiting Cafe Verde in Durham on Friday. The mushroom was fine but not great, and the burdock was good.


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